[Bug 375988] Re: adobe-flashplugin causes jittery flash playback

Reuben Firmin kubuntu at flavor8.com
Thu May 21 00:05:22 UTC 2009

** Also affects: firefox
   Importance: Undecided
       Status: New

** Description changed:

- Binary package hint: adobe-flashplugin
+ I first noticed this in the last month or so, on a regularly patched
+ Kubuntu 9.0.4.
- I installed adobe-flashplugin with Jaunty, thinking that it was the
- "official" and therefore best flash playback. However, it caused flash
- playback to be consistently jittery. Every 10-15 seconds, the video
- playback would freeze (as if a buffer was empty) but the audio would
- continue. After 0.5 seconds or so the video would start playing again.
+ After Firefox has been open for a while (a couple of hours?) Flash video
+ playback becomes jittery. The video will freeze, but the audio will
+ generally continue playing.
- I googled around for information on this, and found a ubuntuforums
- posting recommending the installation of flashplugin-nonfree. I apt-get
- installed it in the command line, thinking that the debs would be
- mutually exclusive, and adobe-flashplugin would be removed, but that
- wasn't the case. Both are now installed. And, now, with both installed,
- flash playback is smooth and jitter free.
+ Playing the same video in Opera, or restarting Firefox and playing the
+ same video, is guaranteed to smooth the video playback. Trying to
+ restart the video or waiting for the video to be fully buffered, without
+ starting Firefox, does not help.
+ It's not a networking issue - I can generally see that the Flash player
+ has plenty of video buffered ahead of the playback position.

adobe-flashplugin causes jittery flash playback
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