[Bug 233990] Re: Bare lf in mdn message from crashing thunderbird

André Pirard A.Pirard at ulg.ac.be
Sun Mar 22 23:50:52 UTC 2009

On 2009-03-21 19:53,  John Vivirito wrote :
> http://cr.yp.to/docs/smtplf.html does not show a dialog box.
That is obviously not the description of the bug.
It's a description of the rule that Thunderbird is violating.
The bug is described in
>  can you please give us a screenshot of the problem.
Do you need any other shot than the error message I attached in 
Feel free to ask a screenshot of a normally running Thunderbird (before 
the crash) and/or of an empty desktop (after the crash), I can make them.
> I do not see anything in any of the links that shows us your problem.
Do you think the 6 messages like this one in the syslog file excerpt I 
attached are normal?
> /var/log/kern.log:May 22 12:36:52 daria-ubuntu kernel: [52297.778220] 
> thunderbird-bin[27840]: segfault at 4072c00c eip b6e4f6e4 esp bff1cfb0 
> error 4
> what is the bare lf in the example you attached?
A bare linefeed is not a nudist fisher but a LF that is not preceded by 
a CR.
In order to find a bare linefeed in the mdnmsg message file I attached, 
you need to look inside the file to find it, for example, by doing this :

$ hd mdnmsg
00000000  44 61 74 65 3a 20 54 68  75 2c 20 32 32 20 4d 61  |Date: Thu, 
22 Ma|
00000010  79 20 32 30 30 38 20 31  33 3a 31 37 3a 33 35 20  |y 2008 
13:17:35 |
00000020  2b 30 32 30 30 0d 0a 46  72 6f 6d 3a 20 41 2e 50  
|+0200..From: A.P|
...                      ----- (fully clothed)
000000b0  70 63 6d 46 79 5a 41 3d  3d 3f 3d 0a 20 3c 41 5f  
|pcmFyZA==?=. <A_|
...                                         -- (bare)

Once again, if you showed my bug description to a developer, he would 
not ask all those questions but he would make a patch in less than one 
hour.  Almost one year ago.
I hope you're in the believing state now.
And that the bug is in the confirmed state.
Thank you.

Bare lf in mdn message from crashing thunderbird
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