[Bug 337544] Re: Firefox crashes when using sites with heavy flash content

amw3465 amw3465 at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 5 02:00:55 UTC 2009

** Description changed:

  Problem in ubuntu 9.04 (alpha 5) 64 bit version when using Firefox
  (3.06) which often crashes on sites with heavy flash content, the same
  happens on ubuntu 8.10 (32 bit and 64 bit versions). I used the flash
  non free player from the ubuntu restricted extras in the repositories.
  The problem is bad with sites that have a lot of in-bedded you tube
  clips resulting in slow downs making it difficult to navigate and the
  clips dont display correctly nor play correctly yet the bb code is
  correct. The You tube site clips plays fine. What also happens is once
  you try to navigate on such sites firefox grays out and is unresponsive
  (crash?). The same problem is replicated using Opera 9.63 on Ubuntu 8.10
  though Opera doesnt grey out.
  Update: I've just tried Ubuntu 8.04 (32 bit version) to try and identify
  if it was the flash non free player being the problem or maybe either of
  the releases (8.10 and 9.04). I discovered that the above problem wasn't
  present in Ubuntu 8.04 using firefox (3.06) using version 10 of the
  flash non free player (deb file from the Adobe site), sites rendered
  fine and werent slow to navigate. However the problem is replicated on
  Ubuntu 8.04 when I use Opera 9.63.
+ Another update: Just tried Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit version along with Abobes
+ public pre-release of their 64 bit version of non free flash player and
+ with using Firefox 3.06 I experienced none of the above problems at all,
+ everything was nice and smooth, however the problems still remain when I
+ used the Opera browser (9.64).

Firefox crashes when using sites with heavy flash content
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