[Bug 402767] Re: multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar

knarf launchpad-ubuntu-f at unternet.org
Fri Jul 24 11:44:35 UTC 2009

To whoever lies behind the decision to put a revenue-gathering extension
in the base browser package: this is not the way to win support from
free software users. If you want to enable your users to assist in
gathering revenue for your company or group do it in a totally open and
completely voluntary way by:

 - publishing this extension on your main page, explain that the revenues gathered by it help to contribute to this software distribution
 - adding it as a suggested package for the browser packages
 - have the browser show a document on first load which gives the user a choice to install this extension

Doing it in the way it is currently done is a relic from times gone by
when commercially driven companies used every trick in the book - and
some which had not been written about yet - to try to extract more
revenue from their customers. Canonical and the Ubuntu project were
supposed to break with that tradition, not continue it.

Please change the way this extension is published. And please don't try
other tricks like this again. I like the fact that I can - or at least
used to be able to - trust the packages in the repository. I'd hate to
have to go through every single package with a fine-toothed comb to weed
out the crap, that reminds me to much of the way things are done on the
other side of the fence.

So please don't jump that fence. The grass is greener here anyway...

multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar
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