[Bug 402767] Re: multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar

Jess Miller kaitwospirit at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 02:35:16 UTC 2009

The problems I have with Multisearch:

1) The name of the extension is not easily related to its effect. "Multisearch" does affect searches, but only Google searches. To me, it sounds more like "something that adds a pack of search options" than "something that changes a standard Google search into a branded one and changes your new tab start page."
2) Multisearch makes it impossible, while enabled, to do a "clean" Google search from the search bar and takes over the Google icon while not allowing access to Google functionality that users expect. If the Ubuntu custom search was installed as one option among others, this would be less frustrating. It is also frustrating because determining the cause is the "Multisearch" add-on is difficult because of its unhelpful name, and because it is not a user-installed add-on so a user does not expect to need to look there.
3) Replacing the about:blank page with the Ubuntu custom search when a new tab is opened is simply tacky. More often than not, I have a particular website in mind for my new tab. Placing the custom search there is unexpected and disruptive. It is unnecessary visual clutter. It also reads as pushy, in-your-face marketing for the Google custom search. I don't see this particular action taken by Multisearch as morally wrong (though many others do, and I would argue that removing Google functionality while still identifying a search with the Google icon IS wrong), simply irritating and tacky. Personally, pushy marketing tactics as those used by Ubuntu in the Multisearch add-on serve to drive me away immediately, without any particular consideration as to the pros and cons of something.

multisearch add on blocks the functionality of firefox location bar
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