[Bug 314739] Re: [jaunty/amd64] flash plugin no longer has any sound

Daniel T Chen crimsunkg at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 17 18:44:28 UTC 2009

Steve, you're missing the fact that the upload of Flash 10 to jaunty
( using native 64-bit did not, in fact, depend on
nspluginwrapper for amd64. Native 64-bit plugin bypasses ia32-libs and
avoids the symptom.

Currently, installing flashplugin-nonfree on amd64 installs the wrong
version of the pulse pcm+ctl plugins via ia32-libs, a Depends of
nspluginwrapper. This means that the pulse pcm+ctl plugins are not used.
ia32-libs needs to be regenerated, and it would be swell to have the
proper fix, which is to follow alsa-lib's biarch example, too.

The problem is due to lib32asound2-plugins conflicting with ia32-libs.
They both contain the 32-bit alsa-plugins libraries. We can't simply
have ia32-libs Depends lib32asound2-plugins, because alsa-plugins is a
main source package, and ia32-libs (in universe) bits are needed to
build alsa-plugins.

The change is to generate biarch libs in pulseaudio so that alsa-plugins
can just Build-Depends the appropriate biarch -dev, and then ia32-libs
can simply Depends the appropriate biarch lib32asound2-plugins.

[jaunty/amd64] flash plugin no longer has any sound
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