[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

»John« JnS.002 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 22:10:28 UTC 2009

> This bug is also very spread in Spain, I try to get a non OS computer for my sister in law, you should see the faces of the sellers going blue after my request (BODS blue to be precise.
> I´m working in this bug refusing to become a free tech support for windows. if somebody comes to me to fix something windowes-related I politely say that the only support I give is to Linux and Linux related products.
> If somebody is telling me to install pirate software I blantantly refuse and I told them about the free (on both senses) software.
> If a friend gives me a crushed computer to fix I install Ubuntu with no mercy as this is my fee.
> Also I recommend my friends to install free softare in their windows machines, Firefox and Open Office mainly, so they got the flavour of it.
> The best doesn´t meant perfect but Linux could be better and better, let´s market it as it deserves.

Hello again, everyone.

Just chiming in to report back my progress while struggling to patch
this bug once and for all. I'd like to thank blackghost for his
brilliant suggestion because it works like a charm. I've convinced quite
a few people to make the switch by now (and I'm personally assisting
them with any FOSS-related problems) and here's the results:

      * non-techies are impressed and soon love *buntu for the way it
      * techie converts instantly become vocal FOSS advocates and

My client list includes friends (recursively), relatives and even 2
bosses of a small business near my residence (where I'm a "quid pro quo"
admin in my spare time), all of them daily using their machines for
common tasks without having any major issues.

I'd like to thank all the good guys (Mark included) who made this
possible for all their hard work once again and hopefully offer at least
a modest amount of motivation to keep it up by reassuring them many
people really appreciate it.

I can see we're on the right track and in the long run M$ $hitware (or
any other proprietary crap) doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell,
we just need to keep doing what we do and let the time sort out the
mess. As I see it, all that keeps these bastards up and running are all
those stupid catch 22s where we can't make any real difference as it's
not a problem of our stuff.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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