[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Tom TomDavies04 at Yahoo.Co.Uk
Tue Jan 6 15:16:48 UTC 2009

With regards to non-free technical support it must be worth reading
through the GPL and other licensing agreements to clarify that this is
not against the agreement.

There is a question about whether it is desirable for The Linux
Communities or right (as in the balance of good and evil in the world)
and my personal feeling is that it is.  People like paying for support,
maybe they feel the question gets answered faster/better/more
professionally - who knows?

There is a lot of easily accessible free support out there and as long
as us tech-support types make people aware of that then surely we can
charge what we want?  Perhaps the more the better as people clearly seem
scared by the prospect of something being free (and therefore see as
worthless rather than realising it is priceless).  Perhaps we should
charge a set fee for call-out-charge and mileage but then charge more
hourly for Linux/free-software problems rather than Windows problems?
Lol, that would make sense to most consumers and presumably end up
costing them about the same as Windows problems tend to take longer,
especially if you need to defrag before starting.

With regards to the agreement i'm pretty sure that we are allowed to
charge - i haven't started doing so yet but hope to start soon.  I've
only read through the agreement a couple of times , once when i first
started using Linux and once trying to translate the US version into
English (doing so helped me stay awake(ish)  while reading the legal

Microsoft has a majority market share
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