[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Michael michaeldadmum at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 02:23:25 UTC 2009

This bug is critical in Hong Kong.
When I go to large stores, every PC comes with Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit pre-installed.
When I go to small shops, the specification lists usually don't include the operating system but you may add HK$ 699 to get a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista/XP pre-installed. (sorry, only Microsoft Windows Vista/XP 32-bit are available)
There are no PCs with free OS available on the market.
I haven't seen any free OSes in a typical office yet.
GNU/Linux OSes are dominant in universities but every workstation still has a copy of Microsoft Windows installed in the HDD
There are only very few secondary schools which have free OSes in their computer rooms.
The textbooks used in primary/secondary schools are flooded with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
In the HKCEE (equivalent to UK O-level), there is a subject called Computer and Information Technology (abbr. CIT) starting from 2005. It consists of a core modules and 4 selective modules. (A: programming, B: organization of computers, C: networking, D: multimedia) In module D, even the examination paper contains Windows-specific knowledge (taskmgr, etc)
Much of the govt material are still in the proprietary .doc format.
Among all people I know, only 2 uses GNU/Linux at home (excluding myself) and only 1 has no Microsoft Windows installed at home.
When I teach some classmates to program in C++, I find some difficulties because they are all using Microsoft Windows. (I wants to teach them using Unix tools like man, kdbg, etc)
I wants to make my family to stop using Windows but my attempt failed because they are using Windows-specific software.
In a typical computer magazine, about 50% of the contents are about Windows and Windows software, 10% are about Mac OS X, 2% about GNU/Linux (Not every issue has this 2%, it appears usually in contexts like virtualization, etc) and the others are about hardware.

Microsoft has a majority market share
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