[Bug 344814] Re: Synthetic emboldening/italic/italic-bold fails for single-styled fonts

Qianqian Fang fangqq at gmail.com
Tue Dec 29 20:30:04 UTC 2009

I am changing the bug title to "Synthetic emboldening/italic/italic-bold
fails for single-styled fonts" as it appeared to be more serious than
failed to print bold text in Firefox. As pointed out by several people
in the mozilla-bugs #532855, this seems to be linked to a deficiency
somewhere in the font rendering pipeline (can be freetype, fontconfig,
pango ...). It does not only effect Chinese font bold faces, but also
any fonts without bold/italic/italic bold faces. Because this bug is
located in the rendering pipeline, I am not surprised to see that many
graphics software are effected, including Scribus ( or later),
GIMP, Inkscape etc. In these software, if a font does not have dedicated
bold/italic/italic bold faces, you may either not be able to select this
style (Scribus, GIMP), or when you select it, it won't work (Inkscape).

I would like to suggest giving a higher priority to this bug.

Synthetic emboldening/italic/italic-bold fails for single-styled fonts
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