[Bug 66015] Re: Duplicate spell checking dictionaries for every entry

Sigurd Gartmann sigurdga-launchpad at sigurdga.no
Sat Aug 29 22:28:47 UTC 2009

In my case, in addition to the three english language variants which
have duplicates, I have en_ZA and nb_NO language files (without en-ZA or
nb-NO). And these are not written out as i.e. "Norsk, bokmål".

In my opinion we have two issues here:

(1) firefox recognizes both kinds of entries (en_US AND en-US, where the
latter is non-standard). This is also the title of this bug (except that
in my case, I do not have duplicates for every entry).

(2) firefox does not recognize (and write out the long names of) the
files with undercore separating the language and location.

I have seen this for both firefox 3.0 and 3.5 on my jaunty setup.

I guess (2) can be fixed by changing the hypthen to a underscore in
toolkit/content/inlineSpellCheckUI.js in the xulrunner. However I have
not been able to find the lines for (1), maybe it's deeper in the cpp

(This was my first time trying out debuild pbuilder, and I am not even
sure how to make a patch for (2) in xulrunner. Firefox is kind of big as
a start. However I was tempted by the papercuts report on the planets.)

Duplicate spell checking dictionaries for every entry
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