[Bug 106644] Re: MASTER Clipboard gets lost when windows is closed

chappejw jacobchappelle at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 10:12:15 UTC 2009

It's up to the owner of the active selection to copy it from the PRIMARY
buffer to the CLIPBOARD buffer upon closing or the selection dies with
the window which is closed. This is not an Ubuntu bug or an X bug just
to be clear, but a lack of adherence to the X Windows protocol. Xserver
negotiates networked messages between clients since Unix and Linux where
built with networking in mind.

For those people who think Cntrl+c Cntrl+vis the only way to copy try
highlighting some text, change windows to another text input area and
click your middle mouse button (the mouse wheel) and this allows you to
press 1 button rather than 4 to do the same operation. Shift+Insert does
the same.

Now, just imagine there are people out there who would actually select,
right click, navigate a popup window that took 3 seconds to appear,
click copy, click-raise another window, right click, navigate the 3
second life sucking popup again, click paste, and then say I hate
computers after taking 6 or 7 steps to do the same operation. Now
multiply this tasking by 1000 and you will really start to see life
wasting away. Virus scan? defrag? reg clean? ...ouch... it hurts..!

MASTER Clipboard gets lost when windows is closed
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