[Bug 328608] Re: [Intrepid] Thunderbird's main window is invisible

BeArDy_666 don_megatron at gmx.co.uk
Mon Apr 20 10:38:31 UTC 2009

John : Yeah, the problem stays fixed after reboots. Well, until it
decides to start acting up again. :/

Playing round with profiles doesn't make the slightest difference. One
of the first things I tried to fix this was to move the entire .mozilla-
thunderbird folder out of the way and start with a completely fresh
profile, just in case it was an extension causing the trouble - it isn't
because this still happens when there are no extensions loaded in TB.
When creating a new profile, all the dialog boxes show up fine, but when
that part finishes the main window still refuses to appear. So, as far
as I can tell the profile and it's contents seem to have nothing to do
with this bug. Once the main window starts doing the invisible thing,
that's it until you remove/purge then re-install thunderbird.

Thing is, this doesn't happen after TB has been updated. It's always
after some random other system component that appears to have absolutely
no connection to TB is updated. And I do mean random because there
appears to be no pattern to it whatsoever. It's never the same system
components updating and it doesn't happen after every update that occurs
because if it did, I'd be fixing this issue anything up to a dozen times
a week when it only occurs once or twice a month. *Something* somewhere
gets tripped up (apparently randomly) and then you've got no visible
main window in TB after you next reboot/load TB. I haven't seen this
happen (yet) when nothing has been updated since the last reboot.

As I said before, it doesn't matter which version of TB you use from the
repositories. This has happened to me with every version of TB used in
the alphas, beta, rc and final release of Ubuntu 8.10 (2.0.016 - ?) and every version of TB since, all the way up to the current As far as I can tell, this only happens in Intrepid. I went
back to  Hardy for a month or two at the end of last year because of
this bug (and a few problems with other things) and it never occured
there. I haven't used Jaunty much yet (and doubt I will - still far too
unstable, really don't like some of the updated versions of programs,
some things I use aren't in the repos any more, and I have a radeon 9600
and *need* the fglrx driver cos the open source one can't do what I need
it to do), so I can't say if it happens there yet either.

HfX : Yeah, you seem to get the same thing I do. Have you tried my quick
fix to see if it gets the main window to appear again? It works every
time on my machine. Just make sure you quit/kill TB before removing and
re-installing the packages and then reboot before you try to load TB
again. Whatever it is preventing TB's window from displaying stays in
memory until you reboot and reloading TB before rebooting puts you back
at square one.

[Intrepid] Thunderbird's main window is invisible
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