[Bug 178038] Re: npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV

Dietmar-Rach dietmarrach at alice-dsl.net
Thu Apr 16 08:35:44 UTC 2009

Julio Lajara schrieb:
> The solution has been posted on more than once already.... uninstall
> nspluginwrapper, the 32bit Flash plugin and manually install the 64bit
> one available from Adobe. It is leaps and bounds more stable compared to
> using the 32bit plugin. Honestly I dont quite understand why so many
> people are adverse to taking this route as using nspluginwrapper w/
> 32bit Flash was originally meant as a workaround until a 64bit plugin
> arrived.
> On another note, I dont understand why Ubuntu has not chosen to just
> distribute the 64bit plugin in its beta form as is. It isnt complete,
> still has bugs, but is better than nothing. If they were able to throw a
> beta Firefox on us a while ago, I dont see what their issue is with
> this...
> FYI, for those looking for it Id recommend using the second to last
> release of the 64bit flash plugin and not the most recent release as it
> is a little less stable that its predecessor:
> http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-10.0.d21.1.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz
Ich habe auch 64 bit beta flash von Adobe installiert
und es läuft ohne große Probleme. manchmal ruckelt das das Bild ein 
wenig aber es funktioniert.

Ubuntu sollte diese Version auch anbieten, da sie besser läuft als die 
32 bit version und nicht abstürtzt.

I have also installed 64 bit beta flash from Adobe
and it runs without big problems. the picture sometimes jerks a little, 
however functions.

Ubuntu should also offer this version, because it better runs than 32 
bit version and not abstürtzt.

npviewer.bin crashed with SIGSEGV 
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