[Bug 192888] Re: firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport

teledyn garym at teledyn.com
Thu Apr 9 20:20:51 UTC 2009

Heh ... y'know, this is EXACTLY what sendmail heads told me the day I
reported false-bounce spam, and what the drupal guys told me the day I
first reported referrer-spam, and then AGAIN when I first reported
robot-posted comment-spam, none of which have been yet adequately solved :)

anyway, this is all off topic.

>>>>> "J" == Jeroen  <jeroenjeurissen at gmail.com> writes:

    J> You're being a bit pessimistic here. To every problem, there is
    J> a solution.  For example you could implement a intelligent
    J> anti-spam system or do what every American does: sue there
    J> asses off! :-p

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firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport
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