[Bug 328608] Re: [Intrepid] Thunderbird's main window is invisible

BeArDy_666 don_megatron at gmx.co.uk
Tue Apr 7 12:03:55 UTC 2009

Quick update : I've had this a few times now since I first posted this
bug and there appears to be nothing consistent about it starting other
than it sometimes happens after random system updates and won't be
noticed until you next reboot.

I also have what appears to be a quick fix to get TB working again (at
least on my machine). This is what I do to sort it out :

- Quit TB. Either by killing the process or if (like me) you have an icon in the notification panel, use that.
- Remove & purge the thunderbird and thunderbird-gnome-support packages.
- Re-install the thunderbird and thunderbird-gnome-support packages.
- And the final and most important step : Close everything down and reboot your machine straight away! Do not reload TB before rebooting as this sometimes seems to cock the whole process up and you have to go through removing and re-installing the packages again.

You're not going to know if any of this has worked until you reboot as
whatever stops TB from drawing the main window persists until you've
rebooted. Just killing TB's processes isn't enough. That was the main
thing throwing me the first couple of times I encountered this bug. Once
I noticed that you had to reboot before reloading TB it's become simple
to fix. I've had it four or five times now since posting this bug report
and whilst it's an annoying bug involving a reboot to fix, it has become
relatively simple to remedy.

[Intrepid] Thunderbird's main window is invisible
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