[Bug 355931] Re: infinite loop calling FcConfigUptoDate in directory with symlinks

Patrick Horn phrh at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 6 00:11:34 UTC 2009

Please disregard everything to do with flash--that was probably just a
coincidence because of how the main event loop runs.

I just realized that I was looking at a lot of google results for something, and in addition to the wikipedia page, I had opened this site in another tab:
This page has MathML, which would very likely require looking for fonts on my hard drive, so this may indeed have been the cause of the crash.

Indeed, adding the symbolic link back and refreshing that page triggers
the bug once more.

here is a page on that same site with a much more pronounced effect (probably happens once per equation): http://cnx.org/content/m10622/latest/
Also, this is not an infinite loop, but rather a *very* *long* finite loop--it does seem to return eventually after several minutes (maybe the OS maxes out the number of recursive symbolic links you can have in a directory)

So yes the bug is entirely reproducable on sites using MathML! I
probably won't have time this week to install the debug libraries for
xulrunner, but I have been considering trying out the Jaunty beta. Would
that help?

** Attachment added: "Output of strace during the hang."

infinite loop calling FcConfigUptoDate in directory with symlinks
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