[Bug 269656] Please respect the Ubuntu code of conduct

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Wed Sep 17 14:35:05 UTC 2008

Tim Post wrote:
> Sorry folks, I'm done promoting Ubuntu. The lack of response from Ubuntu
> tells all, barring a few emails from Mark asking us to STFU.
> Redhat negotiated the first patent deal that is agreeable with GPL3,
> what has Ubuntu done other than tweak the work of others  (i.e Debian) ?
> Good luck Mark..

Tim, all of the distributions face this question with Mozilla, and
Ubuntu is directly involved in the design of a positive resolution. If
it were not for our active engagement with Mozilla,  I assure you the
outcome would have been much less palatable even than this current state.

You suggest that my unwillingness to detail every conversation or
respond with my heart on my sleeve in public represents assent and
support for the current situation. That is not the case. We are in the
middle of a careful discussion with Mozilla, and I am not going to bring
delicate, confidential discussions into this public forum. I trust you
understand that would undermine our ability to get the best result for
our users and for the free software community at large.

I firmly believe this *will* be resolved in a constructive fashion, and
I believe it's our willingness to engage carefully and confidentially
with Mozilla, rather than hurl abuse from a distance, that will give us
the best chance of a positive outcome. I am not asking anybody to STFU.
I'm asking that people consider seriously the impact their words have on
the quality of conversation that we can have.

Resolutions to this sort of debate never come from abusive commentary.
They just NEVER do. Venting and insulting someone else may make you feel
immediately better, but so does relieving yourself on your own doorstep.
For good reason, I would ask you use the privy ;-) We have a code of
conduct in Ubuntu precisely because we know that many of these issues
touch on deeply held beliefs. Those discussions are hard enough as it is
- they become impossible when people publicly insult one another. Please
respect and follow the code of conduct here:


If I was a Mozilla person reading this bug report, I could easily take
the position that the Ubuntu community is nasty, ill informed,
insulting, childish, and selfish. If that were true, then Ubuntu would
also not be relevant for very long, so I would have no incentive to
address their concerns. Careless words in this public forum will only
serve to reduce the seriousness with which Mozilla will take this matter.


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