[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

Harsh Singh hisingh1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 22:52:11 UTC 2008

I hear many people on IRC saying Ubuntu is too simple. Then they offer their
choice of linux! I think that the whole confusion lies in the point where
people dont know what linux is! Schools dont teach it, no one really tells
you what linux is! The only way one can find out about linux is by
advertising [mac pc linux] but these are only on the web and not on TV.
Another way people find out about linux is by Stumbling and Diggs, Social
Networking plays a key role in advertising! So if we want a stronger
knowledge of linux, we need to make pages that romote linux more populat
[give a thums up, or digg it]! To further this notion of advertising, we
need a Team that does solely this! We need to let the world know what Ubuntu

Although I agree that a transition from a windows/mac environment to a
linux/unix environment is not easy. It is not hard!

But with all this advertising , a sole question remails in my mind, Why? Why
do we want to extend our community and include people that dont know how to
use a computer? All we will get are more problems and more complaints! If
the world becomes 'perfect' [see above to the quote on the perfect world],
and every one uses Ubuntu, then what?! We wont rely on a crappy os [vista]
nor will we fear microsoft/apple spying on us, but is that all we
accomplish? Although i am going against my self from trhe first part, i
believe that the ad's are out there, they bring in fairly advanced users,
and people that can get support from friends/collegues, they bring in compiz
enthusiasts that want to make an awesome user interface! We dont need people
that cant determine hardware from software! And if we are targeting those
people, a sole question remains on my mind, WHY?!

Microsoft has a majority market share
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