[Bug 273587] [NEW] Hardy: Memory leak appears over the day using FF3 and Pidgin

John Vivirito ubuntu.ase at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 10:39:29 UTC 2008

Launchpad Bug Tracker wrote:
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> RELEASE: Hardy .1
> CD/DVD VARIANT: 64bit Desktop CD
> ISO BUILD: 8.04.1
> SYMPTOMS: While using FF3 in conjunction with pidgin memory usage slowly creeps up.  Neither app on their own cause the issue but together a system starting at 338 meg usage is up to 794 in about 2 hours in slow increments of .1 mb other than standard apps that open in task bar etc these 2 combined were the only apps open when the memory leak occurs.
> I've gone through all the apps I use daily and these 2 are the only ones that cause the issue.
> 1/ open pidgin in sessions so it open on startup.
> 2/ open firefox and link to the ubuntu wiki.
> 3/ watch freemem disappear slowly.
> ** Affects: firefox (Ubuntu)
>      Importance: Undecided
>          Status: New
What version of firefox are you using? what does this have to do with
pidgin and what are you using to view your free memory? Please make sure
what is causing the leak by viewing top while running as you state. This
will allow us to determine what is the cause. please get a screenshot of
top during "leak"

 status incomplete

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