[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

^rooker translator at duckburg.cjb.net
Thu Oct 16 09:24:55 UTC 2008

Just wanted to add 3 things:

1) Yesterday I was surprised to find out that "webplanetcomputer.com" sells computers with Ubuntu Hardy preinstalled on them. Unfortunately, they don't mention this *at all* on their website. You can't even select it as OS if you want to - but if you select "none" you get Ubuntu.
To be optimized, but still: going in the right direction!

2) Hardware support:
Yes. This indeed sucks, but it's not a problem of Free Software (we all know that). The more people use Free Software, the more vendors will notice and sooner or later will have to deal with supporting it.

3) @X3:
There are a few things I can't agree with you, but I think we're still on the same page so let's just keep it short:
Endorcing proprietary formats and applications (as you suggest), would not really make Linux better. In fact, it would make it worse, because you'd tear all the negative aspects of closed-n-proprietary development into our environment. 

It might seem like a boost for a moment, but not on the long run. Free
Software *is* the superior development method with "win-win" for
everyone (if done right). Proprietary is not an option - it *is* the
problem (unfortunately).

Microsoft has a majority market share
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