[Bug 182038] Re: Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]

Victor Osadci vic.ubuntu at xhtml.md
Sun Mar 23 21:21:36 UTC 2008

Bryce, I tried to use EXA on a Ati X1350 with the radeon driver, and
while it fixed the black images, it has drawing bugs in other parts of
the desktop and is visibly slow at drawing.

Here is the output from lspci -vvnn:

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Unknown device [1002:7196] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
	Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device [103c:30d7]
	Control: I/O+ Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B-
	Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR-
	Latency: 0, Cache Line Size: 64 bytes
	Interrupt: pin A routed to IRQ 10
	Region 0: Memory at d0000000 (32-bit, prefetchable) [size=128M]
	Region 1: I/O ports at 4000 [size=256]
	Region 2: Memory at dc400000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K]
	[virtual] Expansion ROM at dc420000 [disabled] [size=128K]
	Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2
		Flags: PMEClk- DSI- D1+ D2+ AuxCurrent=0mA PME(D0-,D1-,D2-,D3hot-,D3cold-)
		Status: D0 PME-Enable- DSel=0 DScale=0 PME-
	Capabilities: [58] Express Legacy Endpoint IRQ 0
		Device: Supported: MaxPayload 128 bytes, PhantFunc 0, ExtTag+
		Device: Latency L0s <4us, L1 unlimited
		Device: AtnBtn- AtnInd- PwrInd-
		Device: Errors: Correctable- Non-Fatal- Fatal- Unsupported-
		Device: RlxdOrd+ ExtTag- PhantFunc- AuxPwr- NoSnoop+
		Device: MaxPayload 128 bytes, MaxReadReq 128 bytes
		Link: Supported Speed 2.5Gb/s, Width x16, ASPM L0s L1, Port 0
		Link: Latency L0s <64ns, L1 <1us
		Link: ASPM L0s L1 Enabled RCB 64 bytes CommClk+ ExtSynch-
		Link: Speed 2.5Gb/s, Width x16
	Capabilities: [80] Message Signalled Interrupts: Mask- 64bit+ Queue=0/0 Enable-
		Address: 0000000000000000  Data: 0000

Black rectangle instead of image in FF3 [Hardy]
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