[Bug 93546] Re: Openoffice.org Address data sources missing

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 14 03:42:11 UTC 2008

On 03/08/2008 09:32 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 03/08/2008 08:43 PM, Flabdablet wrote:
>> Well, I'm running Gutsy, I have openoffice.org-core 1:2.3.0-1ubuntu5.3,
>> and I see only
>> -Evolution
>> -Groupwise
>> -Evolution LDAP
>> -Other external data source
>> After sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-kde, I get
>> -Evolution
>> -Groupwise
>> -Evolution LDAP
>> -KDE address book
>> -Other external data source
>> So which package is the "LDAP address data" hiding in?
> My sincere apologies, my mistake - I had both StarOffice8 and OOo
> Standard open when I checked - *not* (U)OOo. It's been so long since
> I've used (U)OOo that I'd forgotten that I only have (U)OOo installed on
> one test machine - and in checking that, I see that you are correct and
> (U)OOo has still not been fixed.

You'll like this even less.

I've just installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Alpha6 and discovered that (U)OOo
included with that is:
BuildVersion=openoffice.org-core 1:2.4.0~rc2-1ubuntu3, Tue Mar 4
(Standard OOo is just now testing on rc4 & tomorrow at rc5)

File|Templates|Address Book Source| is not even available in the above
Hardy version (it is in standard OOo 2.4.0rc4 which I am running on this
machine). Instead, the File|Templates| menu selection choices in (U)OOo
Hardy Alpha6 show:

  - Organize
  - Save
  - Edit

Address Book Source is missing completely.

[Upstream] [hardy] Openoffice.org Address data sources missing
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