[Bug 84880] Re: firefox uploads files with wrong mimetype

sergio.callegari scallegari at arces.unibo.it
Tue Jul 29 11:11:31 UTC 2008

WalterNicholls wrote:
> I have a possible solution - look at mimeTypes.rdf (see below)
> I can confirm this problem, and while trying to find a fix, I came
> across this bug. There are also numerous logged on bugzilla.mozilla.org.
> For the record: On Kubuntu Hardy, running under KDE3, Firefox version
> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008071717
> Firefox/3.0.1.  Plenty of extensions none of which I think are relevant.
> Uploading PDF attachments to PHPList (phplist.com), they come through as
> application/binary. Konqueror does it fine.  This is a serious problem,
> because phplist does not provide a way to change the mime type of an
> attachment (except a direct database edit, ouch). I can't just use
> Konqueror because that doesn't support FCKEditor for rich text editing.
> "file" command reports PDF document, version 1.3, /etc/mime.types and
> all that look ok.
> HOWEVER I had ported my firefox profile across from a Windows machine, I
> don't know what happened to that there, but in my profile directory,
> mimeTypes.rdf contained this gem:
>       <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:application/binary"
>                    NC:value="application/binary"
>                    NC:editable="true"
>                    NC:fileExtensions="pdf"
>                    NC:description="Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document">
> I've edited this to instead say:
>      <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mimetype:application/pdf"
>                    NC:value="application/pdf"
>                    NC:editable="true"
>                    NC:fileExtensions="pdf"
>                    NC:description="Adobe Acrobat Document">
> Now file upload works.
... weird... I happen to have multiple entries for files with a pdf 
extension.  One of them says "application/x-pdf", onother one 
"application/binary" and another one "application/octetstream".

So our problem might be the consequence of the usage of older firefox 
version that for some reasons wrote wrong things (or things in the wrong 
order) in the file.

I believe that we need to find out if a clean profile autogenerated by 
the latest firefox shipped with Ubuntu creates the correct entry for pdf 
If it does, then we do not have a bug with ubuntu's latest firefox.  We 
have just something to put in the wishlist: namely a way to manage the 
mimetype file when something goes wrong.

Conversely, if a clean profile autogenerated by the latest firefox 
shipped with Ubuntu creates an uncorrect entry for pdf files (binary, 
octetstream), then we have a bug.

firefox uploads files with wrong mimetype
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