[Bug 133133] Re: "Open containing folder" is only working if nautilus is present

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Wed Jul 23 15:15:52 UTC 2008


Open Containing Folder in Firefox under Linux

Posted by flori on 09/11/2007

After Downloading a file in firefox and right-clicking on the filename
in the download manager, you can choose the popup menu entry "Open
Containing Folder". This should open a filebrowser for the directory
this file was saved in. I have to admit, that this never worked for me
under Linux, only under MacOS X and under Windows. I assume the reason
for this is, that you have a lot of options under Linux, but no general
default for a file manager. Firefox did never show a very smart reaction
(and only displays an error) if no filebrowser could be found: Perhaps
asking me what to do would be a good idea?

I finally couldn't take it anymore and researched how to configure this
feature. I wanted XFCE4's file manager Thunar to be opened, so this is
what you have to do: Open the about:config dialog in you location
toolbar (or pick it from the Help menu). Now right click onto the
configuration entry list, and choose New -> Boolean from the popup menu.
Create the following two entries and set them both to true:

network.protocol-handler.expose.file = true (Boolean) network.protocol-
handler.external.file = true (Boolean)

Now choose New -> String from the popup menu, and set the value to

network.protocol-handler.app.file = thunar (String)

This will start thunar with containing directory (with a file:// url) as
an argument. You can as well use nautilus or konqueror or whatever here.
Another possibility is to use open, which would cause firefox itself to
open the directory as a file:// url.

"Open containing folder" is only working if nautilus is present
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