[Bug 235135] Re: [MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes

John Vivirito gnomefreak at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 10:47:55 UTC 2008

It doesnt make a difference if we backport alsa-plugins or *-libs as
Kubuntu doesnt use them.
As for Daniels post:

nspluginwrapper IIRC has a few crashing bugs due npviewer (that may
not be right name but it looks right.) Daniel you had said to backport
flash and libflashsupport and that you would look at pulseaudio so
that is what we did, You might have meant for Gutsy but since
pulseaudio is  a high enough version in Hardy we shouldnt have to
backport it from intrepid UNLESS  you made major changes to pulseaudio
for Intrepid that were needed for Hardy and i dont remember seeing
much in the way of major changes for pulseaudio nor alsa-plugins (both
can be found in PPA) I cant remember what package alsa-libs was in
unles you meant like libpulse0 than most if not all are in pulseaudio
source package.
If those are needed they are done and ready to be pushed to Hardy but
i thought Daniel was working on them doing that however will only fix
it for gnome users since we are only ones using pulseaudio by default
and im sure kde users would want to keep using arts. I see no way of
helping with that.
Are we sure all these crashes are being caused by flash and not
something else? I havent seen any crash logs nor backtraces. It most
likely is.
As of the update to us about the backport in Hardy i decided i would
test myspace and i dont see any crashes and i had already tested
youtube. When i had tested before getting the ack for Hardy backports
i testeed youtube and flash home page (thinking these are most likely
gonna cause a crash).
Please make sure the crash isnt from 2+ vidoes playing at same time
and using back button Im fairly sure that is how you reproduce a long
time flash crash and no flash 10 doesnt fix that as of yet. apart from
Richard has anyone else on 32bit seen their crashes go away with
latest flash update that Scott has pushed? their are alot of npviewer
crashes ( i think that is 64bit only) or atleast most.
Either we can try again with PA stuff (that i thought we needed until
Daniel's post) that is already been pushed to PPA when i was doing the
flash backports or we wait for final release  I really think sice
Hardy is LTS we should be updating it but we need to know that it
works for everyone and that is impossible. Can anyone confirm that the
sites being seen crashing the problem. Reason i ask is because while
the most used site youtube doesnt crash why would others unless they
are not updated to use flash 10 (although youtube shouldnt be since
flash is in beta) I only tested with 32bit and on 2 sites i have no
way of testing 64bit and as it was brought to my attention we only
needed one test (im sure not one site that is why i tested on a few.

- --
Sincerely Yours,
    John Vivirito

[MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes
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