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John Pyper jpyper at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 18:43:34 UTC 2008

@John See, if Microsoft would do something similar to what the Linux
community has done by releasing their Windows product as a LiveDVD, it
surely would give the end user the choice of what they can do with their
computers. Sure, running any OS from CD/DVD is incredibly slow, but it gives
the end user a taste of what they can expect. Yes, Microsoft does allow
people to download their Windows products and give them a 15-30 trial to use
it, but it nags them about registering the product. On top of that, Windows
_HAS_ to be installed on the hard drive for it to be functional in their
minds. If you obtain a copy of XP/Vista, you have to register/purchase it
within the 15-30 day limit, or you're left with a useless computer. That's
why LiveCD/DVD is the route to go to give people the choice of what they
want to do with their computers.

John Pyper
BaD_CrC on Freenode #ubuntu,#ubuntu-offtopic
Kent, WA, USA

On 7/9/08, »John« <JnS.002 at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2 Conrad:
> I just posted something like this on that thread on our forums while voting
> "sort of...". When I was discussing the thing with one of my "Windows
> fellas", he said hi likes the idea and suggested something practically the
> same approach, so nobody would probably object against this since everyone
> would have a chance to try GNU/Linux without any risks and return for the
> OPTIONAL (this part is the most important thing from all I have said -
> WHAT'S IT GONNA BE!) Windows license if he finds the alternatives don't suit
> his needs.
> By the way - I don't have any personal experience with these practices, but
> pre-installing probably means something similar to the first phase of
> Windows XP installation procedure when the installer lets you create the
> partitions and then copies itself to the installation one, since the second
> phase starts with accepting the EULA, which is a formal agreement between
> you and Microsoft, so the hardware vendor doesn't have the right to express
> your approval with it for you...
> I don't have any objections against bundling or pre-installing stuff as
> long as I'm free to get the same hardware without the burden of license
> fees for system I'm not gonna use, but which nobody is willing to sell
> the machine without or return the money!
> 2 jawahar & nottRobin:
> Sure thing. Starting official ubuntu jabber server with conferences like
> helpdesk-cz at ubuntu.com and letting the users know they're there with lots
> of other users willing to help novices with any issues in real time could
> solve a thing or two. I'm already doing something like this by actively
> assisting all the people I convinced to switch so consider me in.
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