[Bug 192888] Re: firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport

Henry Wertz hwertz at avalon.net
Wed Jul 9 03:22:56 UTC 2008

     So I've generally just dealt with this, since firefox now at least has the option to reload it's tabs.  My gentoo boxes do not crash with flash though -- now with flash10 or previously with flash9 (even when using libflashsupport, to get me audio over the network.)  I never thought much of it, I mean, they're totally different distros.. I didn't think I'd track down the root difference.
      But, today I looked -- gentoo uses a different libflashsupport!  It gets it from https://svn.revolutionlinux.com/MILLE/XTERM/trunk/libflashsupport/Tarballs/libflashsupport-1.2.tar.bz2

     I built it, installed it on my ubuntu system.  No sound.  It checks
for pulse then esd by looking in /tmp/.pulse-[USER], /var/lib/run/pulse,
and /tmp/.esd.  So I put "export FLASH_FORCE_PULSEAUDIO=1" into my
.bashrc.  Sound, and virtually no crashes!  I've managed to crash once,
but  I have bwin.de AND lepoint.fr up, no crashes, even if I play the
vid on bwin.de.  (As they say way up there --^  bwin or lepoint alone
crash almost 100% of the time).

     Someone ought to take a look at this copy of libflashsupport, and
either adapt it to ubuntu, or find what bug(s) it fixes compared to the
0pointer code.  I suppose per the code from 05-16-2008, it might not be
a 100% fix but it seems quite a bit more stable to me.

     Or, alternately, get flash10 into hardy... then of course
libflashsupport can be ditched.

firefox crashes on flash contents when using libflashsupport
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