[Bug 245521] Re: urls copied from adress bar in firefox-3.0 missing %20

housetier housetier at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 19:21:25 UTC 2008

"Try with a new profile"

I did exactly that: I created a new profile and then directly entered
"http://example.com/url%20with%20spaces.html" into the address bar,
which was then displayed as "http://example.com/url with spaces.html".
Copying and pasting this url into xchat or gvim yielded
"http://example.com/url with spaces.html" again.

"Be specific"

I think I have been specific :)

"Use the terminal"

This is what I am doing, in order to catch any messages. However, there
are no messages from firefox.

"Specific Websites"

This issue is not related to specific websites.

"Crashes" and "Obtain a backtrace from an apport crash report (using gdb)"

Firefox does not crash.

urls copied from adress bar in firefox-3.0 missing %20
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