[Bug 107093] Re: System freezes (possibly Gecko)

svaens svaens at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 21:23:49 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

My problem is fixed by installing the latest Adobe Flash plugin.
I can now use youtube without my whole machine freezing. 
turns out (and now i remember doing it) that I installed gnash. 
This was probably an idealistic thing to do. 
And after chasing down my problem with googlemaps street view feature, 
I had to install the latest flash.... and it turns out that this fixed my freeze problem. 

Mind you.... I still wonder what happened to that linux (all those years ago) which wouldn't ever totally freeze on you...  and where you always were able to get to the console, even if some nasty plugin or software was going crazy.
This really should be two bugs.. ... 
gnash, and gnome? or is it the linux kernel? I don't know enough about it all. 
Why couldn't I escape to console when my browser was causing problems?
Anyway..... I leave you with that. My problem is fixed now. 

Kind Regards All,


System freezes (possibly Gecko)
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