[Bug 175016] Re: Periodic Never Ending Blank Page Generation

Phil Welch philmorew at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 11 15:00:31 UTC 2008

This problem is one that requires me to shutdown all browser sessions
before being able to restart the browser without it immediately
beginning it's never ending blank page looping.  Although I still don't
know why this is happening I have made an effort to better understand
and sometimes anticipate it so that I can close critical page
processing, when possible, before the looping begins which at that point
leaves few options but to terminate all browser sessions.

To anticipate this behavior I start a never ending "top" session.  Then
when normal browser responsiveness stops, I pop over and watch top
statistics which generally run at less than 5% cpu utilization.  Then
when it cycles upwards very rapidly to anywhere between 40% and 100% cpu
utility, I know I have a problem.  If I'm quick, I can sometimes get to
browser windows that haven't begun cycling though the odds are against

Something I hadn't noticed before is that the successful download window
opens and contains the file which was supposed to have been opened. such
as:  index.php, etc.

It is as though the browser thinks it should save the file rather than
open it.  It's not clear to me whether this behavior comes as a result
of the looping or whether it is somehow connected with the cause.

Periodic Never Ending Blank Page Generation
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