[Bug 1] Re: Microsoft has a majority market share

akshay akshay_sulakhe at rediffmail.com
Mon Dec 8 13:33:17 UTC 2008

Please send me the script for Linux.My mail id is kernel2787 at rediffmail.com     thanks...

On Mon, 08 Dec 2008 houstonbofh wrote :
>thegizmoguy wrote:
> > For the autologin in XP watch how fast it can be done:
> >
> > Start-> Run-> control userpasswords2......can figure it out from there.
>A command line abstraction.  Start -> run and a box for a command line
>option is not GUI.
> > I'd bet in linux it would be a 50 line config file modification all done
> > via the terminal and gedit.
>System -> Administration -> Login Window.  Click the "Security tab" and
>select the login option and user.  Click "Close."  This can be done with
>no keyboard attached.
>The problem is not what Linux can do, but what you know.  You know about
>userpasswords2, or at least where to look.  You do not know that
>autologin is under a security tab.  This is an education problem masking
>as a usability problem.  I will admit that it is not helped by people
>posting obscure command line stuff that is hard to understand.
>As to why the devs are not on the user lists...  It gets old answering
>the same question over and over again.  Most of which are answered with
>a search.  An example is that ample evidence of 8x series nvidia
>graphics cards and known issues with the nv driver.  That is why I have
>a 7950gtx in my system.
>You say you "I don't have the luxury of having a system handed
>to me that works."  Why not?  Either learn the hard way, or get a good
>example from Dell.  Both have a cost.  Was your Windows knowledge free?
>This gets to the heart of bug 1.  Microsoft is so common that the
>workarounds for the issues they have are well known.  Linux workarounds
>are hidden, fragmented, and often obscurely written.  That is a real
>problem, but a different one that what you are talking about.
>Microsoft has a majority market share
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Microsoft has a majority market share
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