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Tiago Ribeiro zakzor at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 03:03:02 UTC 2008

I agree with thegizmoguy when he says "Ubuntu is clearly in competition with Microsoft or this bug thread wouldn't exist".
It is the #1 bug and in the first few words of it we can read "This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix".
With this in mind we realize that Ubuntu is to be installed in Laptops and Desktops instead of Windows (XP or Vista).

So, what are the issues that don't allow this reality to happen?
Unfortunately, only a few of them but hard to overcome...

Many people use their PC to run games as well as work and web browsing and sometimes they spend even more time gaming than doing other stuff.
Microsoft created the DirectX. Well done, I even think that I don't have Windows installed when I am running a game (except when the machine crashes).
This created a barrier (that Microsoft wanted) and software houses almost every time create only DirectX games.
Then, Cedega came with the words that I can't precise but were almost like: Only Microsoft knows more than DirectX  than us.
Many guys tried with sad results and I was one of them. I rarely game but I keep my XP partition in my media center and in my laptop to run a certain type of software. Games is one of them. 
The Wine itself was a lot of "failures". That's not Windows you are running! That's why uTorrent has on its home page "For Wine, Windows 95 (Winsock2), 98/ME, NT/2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and now Mac".

But in this case we think we are a user that doesn't play DirectX games or runs other Windows only software.
We need a OS that can install all the drivers of my laptop and I want to browse the Internet, chat, listen to music and watch videos.
Ubuntu is perfect... I install it on my laptop and in the beginning of the installation process I was asked for which network card I wanted to use, Broadcom or Intel . I said Intel (it was eth1, an Intel 2200BG wireless card), entered the SSID, the wpa key and boom, of he goes.
When the installation is complete I am asked if want to install the proprietary driver of ATI. I say "of course" and everything is done without the need of expertise of any kind, all you need is to read. That also happens with mp3 codec and others.

In this case, what stops me from using Ubuntu or other GNU/Linux distro?
I go to any store here in Portugal and only see Desktops and Laptops being sold with Windows preinstalled.
So, the average joe goes and buys his new PC without having the power to decide its OS.
I myself bought a laptop with Windows XP Media Center Edition with free update to Vista in its release and the first thing I did when I powered the machine up was deleting all the partitions and installed only Ubuntu. I gave money to Microsoft and participated in this crappy Windows only world that we live without wanting and needing to.

Other subject: schools.
The dream world: Ubuntu, Edubuntu and OpenOffice.
The real world: Windows XP and Microsoft Office.
We can't stop this... the governments want the children to use XP like in Classmate and in the Portuguese child laptop: the Magalhães.  First, the Portuguese government said that it would be available two versions, XP and Caixa Mágica (the only Portuguese GNU/Linux distro). I thought "great", Caixa Mágica is kinda crappy in comparison to Ubuntu but the children will use free software and the parents and the government (the contributors) will not pay the Windows license and if you want to change to Ubuntu its easy., the hardware is supported, even the webcam who causes so many troubles to Linux users.
They changed their mind... you have two versions, yes, but... XP or dual boot with XP and Linux. (What in God's name!!!)

Then I go to my family doctor and they use only XP... I go to the
hospital, XP... I go to social security, XP... I'm sic and tired of it
but its the truth.

How can we change the mentality of a user who knows nothing or only a
few about computers if he or she is surrounded by this?

We can do little, but we can...
I created a blog in Portuguese only dedicated to open source (http://syncminds.blogspot.com) and almost talking about Ubuntu, I am posting only a few subjects but that's because I'm posting what I think it's necessary, the blog is still a baby and I have plenty of other things to do.
I talk almost everyday with people to try them changing to Ubuntu and almost everyone actually did. I gave them in particular what they wanted: stability, a 3d desktop with a lot of tweaks, a lot of hardware support out of the box, speed, I gave their computers a new life.
Of course they are always calling me about this and that but in seconds that situations is fixed, but hey... that happened with Windows. Their users are always calling me as well and in a matter of joke I say "I only give support to Linux users" :)

Please keep this sentence I wrote in the beginning of the previous
paragraph in mind: We can do little, but we can.

zakzor at gmail.com

Microsoft has a majority market share
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