[Bug 221586] Re: Firefox 3 Beta 5 -- Brownout

Mike Rooney launchpad at rowk.com
Fri Apr 25 00:08:43 UTC 2008

Hi David. The gray color just means that Firefox is taking awhile to
respond, perhaps due to flash issues. If you can provide more details on
what exactly triggers this issue, that could be helpful. Does the issue
happen without Compiz running? Was Compiz enabled by default or did you
manually enable it? Does functionality return after a short period of
time? Have you tried installing Firefox 2 in Hardy and seeing if it
performs better? I am not aware of any widespread issue and I have been
following Firefox in Hardy since Alpha 5.

In regards to your Beta complaint, a more valid question may be to
consider why a release that is going to be supported for 3-5 years would
ship with a browser which is about to be deprecated (Firefox 2). Beta is
an arbitrary term and in Firefox 3's case, it doesn't mean much,
especially when you consider it has had thorough testing in Hardy
Alpha's and the Beta for months, with patches being applied to address
any issues and bring to stablity. Firefox 3 is a HUGE improvement over 2
in regards to memory usage, security, usability, functionality, and the
list goes on. It isn't really valid to compare the "Beta" status of one
version of software to the non-beta status of another. In fact, Beta 5's
tagline from Mozilla was "ready for prime time!"

Straight from the Ubuntu release notes: "Ubuntu 8.04 includes Firefox
3.0 beta 5. This was felt to be the best option despite its pre-release
status, in light of the extended support lifetime of Ubuntu 8.04 and the
importance and complexity of Firefox security updates. Further release
candidates and the final release may be considered for post-release
updates. " Personally, not taking the time, strenuous testing, (and
flak) to bring the latest developments in software to the user is on my
list of why not to use other distributions. To each his own.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 -- Brownout
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