[Bug 192888] Re: firefox crashes on flash contents

Conn connogriofa at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 13:15:46 UTC 2008

Luke & Daniel,

Using libasound2-plugins_1.0.15-1ubuntu3.1~ppa1_i386.deb doesn't help,
but seems to be different.

When I try to play flash, there is no sound output, but pulseaudio log
output goes nuts, seemingly opening and killing dozens of clients per
second. Bear in mind the output I'm sending is from about 2 seconds of
playback & it would continue ad nauseam if I did not kill the process.
In The PulseAudio Volume Control program, Flash does have an entry, but
it flickers, disappearing and reappearing extremely fast (not surprising
if you look at the log).

There's a similar situation when trying Skype (ALSA version), I'll
attach the log if you're interested. Funnily enough, Skype sometimes
does produce audio, but it's an extremely rare occurrence and it soon
crashes requiring a "killall -9". Skype has an entry in the PulseAudio
Volume Control, but it remains stable unlike flash.

** Attachment added: "pulseaudio-flash.log"

firefox crashes on flash contents
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