[Bug 181893] Re: Adding a certificate exception for non-trusted HTTPS sites is difficult

Mary Gardiner mary at puzzling.org
Wed Apr 9 22:34:42 UTC 2008

** Description changed:

  Binary package hint: epiphany-browser
  Epiphany's handling of adding HTTPS certificates is not as streamlined as it could be. Presently users are presented with an error, and they then must click "Or you can add an exception…" then "Add exception..." then they must re-enter the URL with the problem, press "Get Certificate" and "Confirm Security Exception"
  Problems with the current solution:
  1. it requires a lengthy sequence of steps
  2. some of the steps look like doing the same thing twice "I want to add an exception"... "no, I really want to add an exception!"
  3. it requires re-entering the problematic URL. Not all users will really understand what this means. Some users will have clicked on a link to get to the page. They then have to copy the URL from the location bar, or realise that it can be selected for copy+paste, which is not entirely obvious.
+ 4. Once you press "Confirm Security Exception", you still are presented with the original error and need to reload the page
  Early comments on this bug describe earlier handling, which was far more
  obscure again.
  Please note, you do not need to report each non-working site
  individually in this bug.

Adding a certificate exception for non-trusted HTTPS sites is difficult
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