[Bug 207116] Re: Firefox-3.0 can't scroll with pageup pagedown

kuda kuda_leo at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 19:18:32 UTC 2008

For the urls, my previous post gave somes.

Well, this is weird. On my previous computer I never saw this bug, I was
running Firefox 2 on ubuntu 7.10. With my new computer, I tried the
ubuntu beta 8.04 with firefox 3.0, and I noticed this strange behavior.
I had too much problem with this beta, so a few days ago I downgraded to
7.10, and firefox 2.0. But this behavior is still there : There is a
cursor on the page, even in none editable parts. I never saw that on my
previous computer, and this cursor seems to interfer with page/pagedown
control. The scrolling mouse roll is working fine, but I'm sure
something is different : I have always used pageup pagedown and I never
noticed that before. But how could that depend on the computer model ???
I'm using a Dell Latitude D610 (Professional version). When using
Epiphany web browser, pageup/pagedown act as I expect ( scroll down/up
the height of the window) .

More precisely, on this page for example
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.0/+bug/207116 , when
the editing zone is not selected (click on the text of the last post
just top to the editing zone), then press pageup or pagedown. Both of
them send you close to the top of the page. Then pressing pagedown seems
not working. In fact whn looking more precisely, you see blinking
(something like 1/10 sec) what you should see : I mean the next part of
the page, on window under, but switch back to previous position. I also
noticed when doing that on this page, no cursor apears, but pressing
pageup or pagedown select my nickname at the top of the page (there is a
rect around the icon and the nickname). It act like pressing pageup
pagedown was working fine, but after, something get select, so the page
scroll to put that selection in the current view, and when it's not a
selection, it is the cursor.

I hope I'm clear enough....

Firefox-3.0 can't scroll with pageup pagedown
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