[Bug 60995] Re: The backspace key pages up instead of going back in history

mnemo mnemo at minimum.se
Sat Oct 20 15:22:11 UTC 2007

What if Volvo changed their car design so that you would switch gears
with the steering wheel? Sorry, but that's how #&)#"/¤&/#¤ this is.
Shortcut keys like this one is a de facto standard.

Arguments about old time unix users is void because A) on Ubuntu there
is a lot more "new linux users" these days compared to the number of
"old time unix users", and consider also B) in some ancient time some
people used CTRL-Y and CTRL-V for page down/up. But guess what? More or
less every single keyboard ships with a dedicated button that is labeled
"PAGE UP", maybe it's time to evolve and start to use it? For the ultra
hardcore people, I suggest "apt-get install old_unix_style_keybinding".

Arguments about "data loss" is void because: A) surf to google.com, B)
type in some query, C) press the normal GUI back button in the toolbar,
D) data lost. E) big deal get over it.

Arguments about "platform consistency" is void because: A) start the
GNOME filemanager, B) scroll down to the last item and select it, C)
press BACKSPACE and notice that it does not mean page up.

On a personal level; for now I'll go with the about:config hack, but
give me more of these kinds of bugs and then it's bye bye new distro for
me. I mean a missing sound driver is one thing because I know everyone
*wants* to fix it (albeit it might take a long time). But with bugs like
this one are big time showstoppers.

I hope that people can agree on a sensible fix to this bug so that
ubuntu can continue to grow.

The backspace key pages up instead of going back in history
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