[Bug 111754] Re: Arabic text is not intelligble in Firefox

era era+launchpad.net at iki.fi
Tue Nov 20 20:13:40 UTC 2007

On a Gutsy Live USB stick where I don't think I have any non-default
fonts installed, www.alarabiya.net seems to render correctly in Firefox.

vnix$ cd /var/lib/dpkg/info
vnix$ ls ttf-*.list *font*.list
fontconfig-config.list   ttf-gentium.list           ttf-unfonts-core.list
fontconfig.list          ttf-indic-fonts-core.list  xfonts-100dpi.list
gsfonts.list             ttf-indic-fonts-core.list  xfonts-75dpi.list
libfontconfig1.list      ttf-kochi-gothic.list      xfonts-base.list
libfontenc1.list         ttf-kochi-mincho.list      xfontsel.list
libxfont1.list           ttf-lao.list               xfonts-encodings.list
ttf-arabeyes.list        ttf-malayalam-fonts.list   xfonts-scalable.list
ttf-arphic-uming.list    ttf-malayalam-fonts.list   xfonts-utils.list
ttf-bitstream-vera.list  ttf-mgopen.list            xlsfonts.list
ttf-dejavu-core.list     ttf-opensymbol.list        x-ttcidfont-conf.list
ttf-freefont.list        ttf-thai-tlwg.list
ttf-freefont.list        ttf-unfonts-core.list

I didn't check too thoroughly, but all of these seem to be pulled in by
the ubuntu-dekstop package, directly or indirectly.

Arabic text is not intelligble in Firefox
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