[Bug 89664] Retraced Stacktrace

Hilario J. Montoliu (hjmf) hjmf at telefonica.net
Wed Mar 28 13:56:02 UTC 2007

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 85627 ***

Retrace done: 
#4  0xb6823fc3 in IM_get_input_context (aArea=<value optimized out>)
    at nsWindow.cpp:4968
	owningWidget = (GtkWidget *) 0x0
	owningWindow = (nsWindow *) 0x0
#5  0xb68247b0 in nsWindow::IMELoseFocus (this=0xab2c0948) at nsWindow.cpp:4563
	im = <value optimized out>
#6  0xb68248c6 in nsWindow::IMEDestroyContext (this=0xab2c0948)
    at nsWindow.cpp:4534
No locals.
#7  0xb6829ddf in nsWindow::Destroy (this=0xab2c0948) at nsWindow.cpp:408
	rollupWidget = {<nsCOMPtr_base> = {mRawPtr = 0x0}, <No data fields>}
#8  0xb5bf35b3 in ~nsView (this=0xab54b138) at nsView.cpp:266
No locals.
#9  0xb5bf1b05 in nsIView::Destroy (this=0x0) at nsView.cpp:304
No locals.
#10 0xb593e91c in nsFrame::Destroy (this=0xab526134, aPresContext=0xab763748)
    at nsFrame.cpp:656
	view = (class nsIView *) 0xab54b138
	shell = (class nsIPresShell *) 0xab2c2b68
#11 0xb5982f98 in nsSplittableFrame::Destroy (this=0xab526134, 
    aPresContext=0xab763748) at nsSplittableFrame.cpp:71

Tagging as mt-confirm for further processing

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