[Bug 87976] Re: Firefox crashed on unsuspend

RosieG rosie.gawthrop at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 17:41:02 UTC 2007

Which flash package and version do you have installed?


Which Java package and version do you have installed?

Java Web Start 1.4 
Version: (j2re1.4)

Which video player and version do you have installed?

Movie Player 2.16.2-0ubuntu3 (totem-gstreamer)

MPlayer Movie Player
2:0.99+1.0pre8-0ubuntu8 (mplayer)

MPlayer plugin for Mozilla
3.31-1 (mozilla-mplayer)

RealPlayer10 10.0.8-0ubuntu3

Which firefox extensions  do you have installed?

Digg This! 0.5
Google Toolbar for FireFox 2.1.20060807L
UK Threat Level 0.15

Which firefox themes do you have installed?

Default only

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Firefox crashed on unsuspend

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