[Bug 94753] Re: Firefox crash

Johan Walles johan.walles at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 16:16:42 UTC 2007

apport-retrace seems to have problems with libc and libpthread (see bug

I'm assuming apport-retrace uses gdb as unwinder.

The crash seems to be somewhere in libc.

The wiki instructions tell me to use gdb to find that crash.

If gdb cannot find its way inside of libc when you're running it at your
end, it probably won't be able to do that when I'm running it at my end

So I'll just wait for the unwinding-libc-doesn't-work issue to be fixed.
Then you should be able to retrace the crash file included in this bug
report and get a proper stack trace.

If I've missed anything in my reasoning above, please let me know and
I'll make an attempt at following the wiki instructions.

Firefox crash

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