[Bug 52573] Re: GTK+ apps show wrong scrollbars

PeteDonnell pete.donnell at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 19:39:11 UTC 2007

Okay, I need to make an apology. After some more hunting, I found in
System Settings-Appearance an option under "GTK Styles and Fonts" to fix
the scrollbar issue. The scrollbars no longer overlap the buttons,
although I am still having a minor issue. It's visible in the attached
screenshot. The left side margin of the thumb (using the term from the
Wikipedia page on scrollbars) seems to get left behind when the thumb is
moved. When the mouse pointer crosses the edge of the scrollbar then the
margin catches up to the rest of the thumb. Again, this only seems to
happen in Firefox and not any other GTK2 apps.

When I tested Firefox on a different Kubuntu computer via ssh, the
scrollbars looked completely different, they appeared to be using the
native GTK2 scrollbars. Will try to test it directly (rather than over
ssh) later on.

As suggested, I tried a "Complete Removal" of Firefox via Synaptic,
followed by a reinstall, but this failed to fix the issue.

** Attachment added: "Updated screenshot of problem"

GTK+ apps show wrong scrollbars

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