[Bug 66055] Re: [Edgy] TB crash on closing

Bill hudacek at us.ibm.com
Fri Mar 23 05:49:40 UTC 2007

I seem to be having the same crash-on-close.  It's happened every time
for a few days now.

Attaching info.  I'll assume there's something here that relates these.
I have

ARGH: update:  I can't believe my poor 128K(BIT) upload of a 15 MB file
had to FINISH before I got an error that I didn't put a *cute
description* for my crash file! You know, the one that is *automatically
generated* by Ubuntu?

This from a 20-year UNIX guy.  It's late, and I'm going to bed.  I'll
push the button again, but someone should fix this.  That's just so
unacceptable :-(  If it was the middle of the day I'd be gone forever.

** Attachment added: "This Is My File, and This Is My Gun, This is for fighting (with)......"

[Edgy] TB crash on closing

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