[Bug 91504] Re: Firefox frequently crashes [@js_MarkScopeProperty]

Alexander Sack asac at jwsdot.com
Sun Mar 18 16:21:06 UTC 2007

On Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 03:58:16PM -0000, Josh Trutwin wrote:
> Thanks - any additional info I can provide just let me know - the above
> file was created when trying to open FF this morning, it crashed when I
> tried to restore a session from it's last crash.

Josh, thanks for you new crash report. For now we will sort i out, so
it all is fine. However, in future please open a new report for
each single crash, unless of course you are sure its exactly the same
crash. If its the same, you won't need a new crash report when we
already had a good one.

For additional info: Can you please figure out how to reproduce this
crash reliably? Probably it has something to do with the page you
visited. If you find good steps to redo this crash, please let us


 - Alexander

Firefox frequently crashes [@js_MarkScopeProperty]

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