[Bug 91262] Re: Thunderbird crashes soon after startup

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Tue Mar 13 14:55:23 UTC 2007

I again. This bug msut have to do with some other (upgraded) 
package since downgrading to mozilla-tunderbird version 1.5.9 
did not resolve the problem.
I tried to start thunderbird as root: 
"sudo mozilla-tunderbird"
then it did *not* crash.  All files/directories in and under
 ~/.mozilla-tunderbird are owned and read/writable by
the normal user "grfz", as I login as "grfz".  But it crashes 
when I start it as user grfz.

I did not understand the strace and ltrace output but it 
crashes while calling xfree (window properties and such).
If someone is able to read this I would provide the output 
from strace and ltrace for a invocation of thunderbirs as 
root and as a mere user.

I wrote: 
"I followed the steps outlined in section "Prior Ubuntu versions" in
DebuggingProgramCrash. But there is no mozilla-thunderbird-dbgsym 
package. Thunderbird now behaves as before and there is no 
/var/crash nor a core dump or something."

I have compiled and installed the packages.  I think the symbols are 
not stripped, but I do not know, what to do with this debug-enabled 

Hope this helps and somebody helps,

Thunderbird crashes soon after startup

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