[Bug 90410] Cause

timski tim.nospam at capsu.org
Wed Mar 7 19:32:29 UTC 2007

So... after this long sequence of random thoughts, I finally arrived at
the cause, which had (as ever) been staring me in the face since the

The ext3 partition that Thunderbird is running from is capable of
supporting a colon in the file name. But the FAT32 partition (where I am
trying to save the files) doesn't allow a colon in the name. I believe
the Windows version of Thunderbird automatically converts the colon to
an underscore when the file system didn't support the character, and
this presumably needs to happen here too.

The bug none the less remains. Thunderbird should not just crash when
presented with a bad user input.

Crash on email save as, with attachment error

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