[Bug 89704] Re: No backport of Firefox 2.o to Dapper

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Tue Mar 6 12:57:49 UTC 2007

Hi Myriam,

As Daniel said, Alexander is a reliable source with regard to Ubuntu's
Firefox packaging. Alexander asked me (as his manager) to look into this
bug. I recognise that it is useful to have a clear statement on the
Ubuntu project's position on Firefox 1.5 support in Dapper. I've put
together the following wiki page, which I believe accurately reflects
our position and which I hope helps you:


I noted to Alexander that, if and when Firefox 1.5 support from sources
other than the Mozilla project (i.e. the group of Linux distributors he
mentioned) appears to be waning, it would be prudent to begin
preparation of Firefox 2.0 packages via dapper-backports. However, I
expect it to be a good deal of work to get all the relevant packages
updated and working properly, and Alexander has many other things to do,
so I am not asking him to do this at this time (and thus this bug
remains open). We'll certainly keep an eye on the situation.

No backport of Firefox 2.o to Dapper

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