[Bug 89635] Re: selection moves some lines up by a pixel

Bogdan Butnaru bogdanb+launchpad at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 14:15:49 UTC 2007

Just for the record, I have seen this affect text input areas too, and
icon/images. I can't figure out exactly the situation when it happens.
(For instance, in the wiki link above, this doesn't appear without the
stylesheet.) It also happens irregularly in the very text field I'm
writting this text in (some lines move up or down while I write things,
use backspace to delete things, or select parts of the text).

For instance, when I wrote the "t" after "backspace", that line and the
one above it moved up by a pixel. It came back if I backspaced over it.
It happened with any letter, and it is consistent (I cut to clipboard
all the text up to there and tried repeating the type, it happens all
the time.) But that particular position is not special in any way that I
can tell. On my computer "things," was the first word on the line, so it
was the first letter of the fourth word on the line, far from the line's
end... I tried appending an "a" to backspace and the pattern changed.

selection moves some lines up by a pixel

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