[Bug 118745] Re: Font sizes in Gutsy are vulnerable to bad X.org DPI detection

Mark Shuttleworth mark at canonical.com
Thu Jun 28 17:33:40 UTC 2007

** Summary changed:

- default desktop/panel menu font sizes too small
+ Font sizes in Gutsy are vulnerable to bad X.org DPI detection

** Description changed:

- since gutsy, font sizes are too small.
+ In Gutsy, Gnome switched to using the X server's screen DPI detection,
+ which means that fonts can easily appear to be too large or too small,
+ depending on your screen setup. The old approach was to use 96 DPI by
+ default, but the new one can result in widely differing DPI values. We
+ need to improve the detection, or give people an easy way to tweak these
+ values so that the result looks good on their system.
  Jun 01 14:06:38 <seb128>        pitti: in case fonts turn to be too small (which happened to several people after upgrade) you might want to modify libgnome schemas to change Sans 
  10 to 11
  Jun 01 14:07:02 <pitti> seb128: do we have a bug about it?
  Jun 01 14:07:06 <seb128>        just edit debian/libgnome2-common.gconf-defaults
  Jun 01 14:07:29 <seb128>        pitti: I think so, let me look
  Jun 01 14:08:21 <pitti> seb128: if that affects everyone, we should milestone it
  Jun 01 14:08:33 <seb128>        well, not easy to know
  Jun 01 14:08:49 <pitti> well, but that only affects upgrades anyway, right?
  Jun 01 14:08:50 <seb128>        gnome-settings-daemon uses the screen DPI now
  Jun 01 14:09:12 <pitti> if it affects fresh installs, too, then we should do something about it
  Jun 01 14:09:15 <seb128>        but I'm not sure if that means we should change the default or if the fonts are only too small when xorg is not correctly configured or something
  Jun 01 14:09:28 <pitti> ok, let's look into that during CD testing
  Jun 01 14:10:15 <seb128>        right, that was my point
  Jun 01 14:10:39 <seb128>        if that happens on desktop CD and you want to workaround it just modify libgnome debian/libgnome2-common.gconf-defaults to change the default deskto
  p font

Font sizes in Gutsy are vulnerable to bad X.org DPI detection
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